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                             2019 A Year of excelling in our fruits of the Spirit' In Gloryworld'  

  Late Edition: AFRICA Pastor Renny Visited Zimbabwe's ... Bulawayo,  Gweru, Ikwekwe, Kadoma, Harare for Outreach Meetings as part of Ministry in the Continent of Africa....  

Up Next: Mozambique to kindly organized Gloryworld 9th International  Outreach Meetings in  2019.                                                                                                                                                                             watch the move in You tube: Pastor Renny Masetsola Teaching.

2019-The Year of  Good News Campaign Program started in a good mood as Pastor Renny Ministered in our Village-Limpopo's Mashavele village

They need your help: Support Renny Masetsola Foundation / Renny Masetsola International !!!                                                 As Pastor Renny visits The Lord Children's Home in Mysore India-watch the Documentary about his visit in the Area.  

MULTITUDES RESPONDED TO THE ALTERCALLPreparations were on for SCO Service where Pst Renny spent years fellowshiping and teaching the word in the services of the saints.

 INTERNATIONAL OUTREACHES India Outreach took place after Ten years of waiting,
Gloryworld' successfully held two International Outreaches in United Arab Emirates-Dubai and India-Hyderabad, Mysore and Bengalore. you can watch some of those meetings live in youtube: Pastor Renny Masetsola. visit Youtube: Renny Masetsola to see some of the meetings.

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 Glory world'-Advert side***   

Call our RSA Head Office:+27 76 128 0116 

 +27 78 053 7354

Our International Correspondence Offices:

Mozambique: +258 840638527

India         Hyderabad +91 9154414138

Mysore and Bangalore +91 9113954510

Zimbabwe   -Kadoma     +263 733 818728

Harare      +263 782 020588

The Philippines


.Masetsola International

welcome to the season of excelling in our Spiritual walk!!!


Important Charity Children's Programs from the Year 2015, as part of our Vision 2020 in the African Region and Asia. We care about Children, save our Children. watch our documentary on Children support in you tube: Pastor Renny visits God's Children in Mysore India

Back on Track: Glory world'-Friends of Jesus Trust-2019 continues to empowers Help a Child Foundation

                The Biggest Healing Gathering Dedicated to Children. Call us to Support, you can partner, Sponsor or donate for the healing of Children in the Continent of Africa! (Mostly in Southern Africa). Thousands of Children healed of known and unknown diseases around the Globe.  #Glory to God...                                                              

You can Partner and also Sponsor this International Children's Program in Africa, Asia and Autralasia...                                                                                                                                      -Glory world'-International Program' 

Itec Fellowship was kindly a good Program that was used                                             

WE Need a partner to distribute our Media materials which includes-Pastor Renny Teaching and many other materials... 

Pastor Evangelist Renny, A year of New beginings 2018

2019 continue as a year of Advancement in our Spiritual walk. The Lord will do even greater this season.

Gloryworld focuses more in Children this season...

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