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                             2018 A Year of New Beginings' In Gloryworld'  

  Late Edition: AFRICA Pastor Renny Visited Zimbabwe's ... Bulawayo,  Gweru, Ikwekwe, Kadoma, Harare for Outreach Meetings as part of Ministry in the Continent of Africa....  

Later: Mozambique kindly organized Gloryworld 5th International  Outreach Meetings in  23-27  March 2016 

2018-The Year of  Glorydays Program, we are returning to Elim this year with Apostle Mandla, we will also visit one African Nation late in winter. 

They need your help: Support Renny Masetsola Foundation / Renny Masetsola International !!!     

MULTITUDES RESPONDED TO THE ALTERCALLPreparations were on for SCO Service where Pst Renny spent years fellowshiping and teaching the word in the services of the saints.

UP Next: its possible that Good news Limpopo Campaign will be held in 2019, now we have Glorydays Program...

Up Next: Fire Site Meetings to be held in  Polokwane, this upcoming season...

The future of Glory world: check our updated schedule now!!!   

India calls, Exclusive call to India
Our Correspondence Office in Middle East-India Led by JIJI Mathews Presents: Middle East Outreach ,Pastor Ev. Renny will leave to minister  in India,by Pastor K. VijayaRaju of Anhra Pradesh (Jesus Blessing Ministries) and Pastor O Ratna Kumar of Tenali in Chinaravuru (Shalom Full Gospel) click here:

VISIT OUR PAGE IN FACEBOOK: Gloryworld, Renny Masetsola,  TWITTER Pastor Renny  Etc and : . visit our Google TV Media Material, watch Pastor Renny Teaching and other Ministry innitiatives in Google: Pastor Renny Masetsola...

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Call our RSA Head Office: +27 011 412 2849               Cell: +27 76 1280116 / +27 74 999 1525

Our International Correspondence Office: 

in Mozambique +258 825 492226

Masetsola International

welcome to the season of Expanding Garment!!!

                             Important Charity Children's Programs from the Year 2015, as part of our Vision 2020 in the African Region. We care about Children, save our Children 

Back on Track: Glory world'-Friends of Jesus Trust-2016

                The Biggest Healing Gathering Dedicated to Children. Call us to Support, you can partner, Sponsor or donate for the healing of Children in the Continent of Africa! (Mostly in Southern Africa)                                                               

You can Partner and also Sponsor this International Children's Program in the Continent... (Mostly in Southern Africa)                                                                                                  Glory world'-International Program' 

If Glory world' IS SELECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN YALI -Mandela Washington Fellowship  program. 3 in 10 children in Sub-SAHARAN AFRICA, will no longer attend a class under a tree                                             

WE Need a partner to distribute our Media materials which includes-Pastor Renny Teaching and many other materials... 

Pastor Evangelist Renny, A year of New beginings 2018

2018 is a Year of New Beginings, it is interesting that this Year is a year of Glorydays instead of Good News Campaign and as a result. many things are going to happen differetly. we are usually going to visit Limpopo Province for the Meetings in few congregations including International Assemblies of God and Devine Tranquility Ministries Intwrnational in Elim, next to Loustrichard. another interesting thing is the upcoming Outreach Interational Program to be Organised either in Zimbabwe, Botswana or Mozambique. we are in prayers for this upcoming Ministry innitiatives and we request support and prayers.   

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