Pray for our updated move from now to the end...QUOTE-Pst Ev Renny. TO GROW WE MUST COPE WITH CHANGE AND NOT RELIGION'

- Up Next: 
- Gloryworld' 5th International Outreach in Gaza and Maputo Provinces this upcoming April/May 2016  
- The Next Outreach after Mozambique will be Lesotho
- Gloryworld will have a Mass Gathering and a Miracle Seminar in Winter Limpopo Province

Praise Reports:

Dearest Pastor  Evangelist Renny Masetsola
I greet you in Jesus name, I'm Pastor Augustin Omana of Bujumbura-Burundi(Africa), I'm handicap of one foot, I'm interresting with your ministries, please I want to know more about your ministries please. if God will open door we can join our churches and be your branch here, we have 4 churches, one here bujumbura city other 3 to the villages.
We love you us praying for you.
Pastor Augustin Omana. Bujumbura-Burundi

Dear Renny,  


God has impressed on us that THIS IS YOUR TIME FOR BLESSING! YOU are dearly loved by God and YOU are on His mind. He created you for blessing and He ordained YOU that YOU be a blessing!


 We believe that the Lord has brought us into this partnership relationship with you to bring blessing to you, even as you bless others through your ministry with us. So we have prepared three,

Dr. T.L. Osborn


Pastor Renny is available & can be invited

 to minister in any kind of Christian Gatherings ranking from Big and small meetings, Crusades, Revivals,Campaigns, Impartations,talk shows,  e.t.c or

call (+27) 076 128 0116

terms& condtions upply 
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