Pastor Evangelist Renny Masetsola...
a native South African from the Northern Sotho Culture.
 born again man of God with a vision to minister the Goodnews in the whole of the World.
His Ministry's Early independence is partially recorded from time to time , month to month, Year to year...

Our early Independence since from when the Ministry was born 2003!

and is where the Voice appeared for my Commission really had a voice which always said to me the time has come I have called you. Some days after that I use to have an experience of two men who really were as Angels. It did not end up there at times they use to take me in Visions to other places where I could Minister or go for Prayer they would carry me to big mountains this was really beyond my understanding,
The Lord is good.
I learnt that a revelation is not enough' this was really beyond a fellowship with Him. I don’t have enough space to write, HE SPOKE BEYOND

More Super natural experience

It was more than years that I was already baptized in the Holly ghost. After the Lord commissioned me it took me to continue in a prayer that took more than forty days. When this experiences were happening I had a lot of supernatural feeling than what I was used to. Really this is above what we are taught in Bible Schools, I continued my revival of allowing my mind to be renewed and speak in a special language (great heavenly supernatural tongues) in this revival I spent more than three weeks speaking and with no need and desire to speak our vernacular languages. This was great I remember I spent many times teaching the youth and mothers of different gatherings around Westrand. I really believe the Glorious anointing and of the ancient times in the Life of David is in my Life. Why? Reason: I’ve been a sweet poet since my young age. And this was really inspiring to the church of God to have a humble young Reign make praising Poems in the Name of the Lord and the Church standing and praise the Most High God Halelijah.I Really know very well that I’m born to praise Him and he deserve the Praises of my mouth . Pastor Evangelist Renny came Miracles were added.

The vissions of Heaven, fire and drying blood.

It was early days of winter when i was at high School that the Lord had promised to reveal things which ididnt know of. i believe this had something to do with my righteous life as the Lord had already told me that He wont reveal mystries if im not pure so i had a challenge of keeping myself holly by his help. i was young so it was simple to find my self not strugling to find myself to please my father from heaven. in one ocasion the Lord said to me that He is my real father and my father from earth is just a picure of what a real father signifies.he said He care about me and He wants me to be brother Vincent was not born again but he was a bible lover he prefered bibical issues and he prefered to explain about that.    
it was early in days, when i went early to bed.i had an experince of feeling i was gonna shake and after some times. two creatures would take me both in my hands. we travelled to a far away area which is above where i found myself when in my native South Africa. during this experience i asaw my Senior Pastor. Pastor Eckson Makhubele by then i like the experience because the Lord shown me his Church which some of people who were there are familiar to me. there were also a cry for people who were outside the grace of God (who were not part of the Church of Jesus). many people were unhappy in that vission including some of the members of my local church by then. the special servant took me to an open area where there were water. the waters were not moving and when i look i saw the blood which were becoming dry i immedately discovered that the person who is showing me all this staff is the Lord JESUS even though nobody had already told me.i was able to see the blood which gave me redemption, earlier by then when i was as young as in that time i was taken to a very beautiful place, it was sparkling, nice and supernatural i never thought im called for the ministry of prophesy i just believed that The LORD revealed that because He Love me and not by power or speciality but because of his grace to show me this things. what made me to belive that the area was the because the place was not familiar and i felt i had no other place which was better for me.  

I remember we used to play with the Holly Spirit. Holly Spirit is a Gentle Dove. God the Third, He Heads the Position beyond the Director and CEO OF THE CHURCH. He is the friend of the Church and is in intimate care with the Church. I remember the Holly Spirit would say to me Reign take the pad that you have and place under beneath a table and usually I use to do that and the Holly Spirit would come back when I need the pad he would say where did you put/placed it and sometimes I had forgotten. He is really a gentle dove I would fetch it and when I failed to find it He would come and say Reign ask me I’ll tell you where you placed it wow this was great I wouldn’t be ashamed because I knew He was teaching me something, I would pray and immediately He was gonna say Reign your pad is under/beneath a table. I was gonna say wow Holly Ghost you are really great. Another thing that the Holly Spirit always preferred to minister is the Miracle that the Holly Spirit taught me when I needed a drink or juice .The Holly Spirit would say organize the water by a big bucket, happily for the sake of learning to take instructions I would organize the water and ask that let the Water would become a special drink that was not usually found anywhere in the world I was able to experiment this miracle to win souls and this miracle was useful also to experiment The Power of God. This water changing miracle was enjoyed even by some members of the church including Pastors. Etc I remember another young woman was convicted during the practice of this miracle. My First Healing Miracle in the Hospital Outreach was the Healing of a woman who has been creepled for more than ten years.

Since then I began different forms of Outreaches. It was somehow in the train but I knew the Lord is doing something in the lives of many people; Hospital outreaches were great, I saw God delivering demon pocessed, healing the sick of different illnesses & diseases, The LORD HAS BEEN SO GREAT. I can’t mention miracles which happened in the case of healing of Blind, cripple, deaf, diseased, etc The Lord has done more He deserve Honor, Glory and prays in the young age of my kind as a teenager the Lord did. What old were failing to see in their gatherings. More Grace was really poured to my Spirit. Deliverance was a day by day move of My Ministry. Many people in West Rand can still testify of what the Lord has done and is still doing in my life. Let’s check up to so far what the Ministry has achieved in National Outreach.

Shortened Prophesy to Pastor Renny from: Prophet Sylvester Ofori Abundant Life Ministries-Atlanta (USA)

There are some miracles that the LORD is about to perform in your life that will make people look at you with amazement. The story of your life is about to change for the best and you're gonna have some awesome testimonies that will defy logical explanations. You shall experience unexpected breakthroughs from all angles. The news of your breakthroughs shall be unbelievable and your miracles shall be illogical.
(8 yrs breakdown in pieces)
2003 Top highlight of the Ministry
(Year of Revival)
-Continuous Hospital Outreach Leratong in West Rand & Nkhesani in Giyani ÿ **Continuous Mothers Gatherings in Randfontein ÿ *15 Dec-Open air ÿ ***Ministry’s first Crusade Revival in Butlokwa-Nazarene Church –Dec 2003 ÿ *Starting and declaration of evangelistic gatherings in WEST RAND &Nationally including Westonaria, Mohlakeng, Kagiso etc Healing Outreach in support of Healing TEAM Randfontein.

2004 Top highlight of the Ministry
(Year of Blessings)
-**-Continuous Train Outreach in West Rand ÿ **Dec Crusade to Venda-Rock of life Church Hakhahu Makuleni ÿ **Continuous Ministry to Youth in JLCC ÿ **Outreach Ministry to Krugersdorp-Lesedi AFM ÿ Debate Outreach to Bekkersdal Central AFM ÿ Healing and Witnessing Ministry in Pc Training in Joburg 32 Diagonal& Krugersdorp Campus

2005 Top highlight of the Ministry
(Year of Prayer)
***Ministering in a JLCC conference ÿ **Media debates( Social mobilization) ÿ **National Prayers in Durban by N.L.W.O  **Celebrating three yrs as International Outreach Ministries, sucess Hospital Outreach in a raw. 

2006 Top highlight of the Ministry
(Year of Growth & Maturity) 
***Good news Campaign to Atteridgeville& Mamelodi ÿ **Successful Hospital and Train Outreaches ÿ Poetry session: Mohlakeng AFM ÿ **Ministering on Sunday gatherings in JLCC-Randfontein.

2007  Top highlight of the Ministry (Year of SUPERNATURAL) ***Great Outreach to Daveyton Christian Centre, under Past. Maseko ÿ ***The Beginning of Mass Gathering in 5yrs of Ministry and Ministering in Rivala AFM in Giyani. ÿ **Miraculous Hospital Outreach in 5yrs ÿ *AFM Harvest, & Ministering on Baptism of Holly Spirit ÿ ***Nov all month special Interdenominational Outreach gatherings ministering on Blessing in Westrand ÿ ***31 Dec-to-1Jan 2008 Gathering in Butlokwa Royal Priest Hood Church

2008(YEAR OF NEW BEGININGS) Top highlight of the Ministry ***Crusade Ministering in Glory of God International Ministries ÿ **Continuous Gatherings: Glory of God International Ministries in Roodepoort Tshepisong ÿ ***Many times ministering in the Institutional Gatherings@ Tshwane University Of Technology and as member of Preachers desk & a Minister for COTINUOUS Teachings for Intercessions group. ***Mass Gathering in Joburg Soweto. ÿ **Hospital Outreach dedicated to Children in Joburg and Limpopo Provincial Hospitals ÿ Successful continuous Hospital and Train Outreach 2008 ÿ Westrand Orphanage support Outreach

2009 (YEAR OF INCREASE) Top highlights of the Ministry v Glory days- Rivala Afm Giyani v Mass Gathering-2009 Tshwane North College v God Impacts Global 2009- v Glory Days-2009 GGWC Soweto. Our outreach Ministry is in work. Achieved award in 2008 Thanks giving award by the Ministry of Past Reinhard Bonnke for supporting and helping their Ministry also to take part in a Yola Crusade in Nigeria. Which saw million accepting Christ. Some memorable Miracles by New Life World Outreach. 2004 Hospital Outreach (Family outreach)Two men who couldn’t rise from their bed without, a hope for their deliverance were healed in Randfontein. During a laying of hands gathering with the woman. *- in 2003 I had longest Hospital Outreach length in the Ministry than other years it was held in March-May and Sept-Nov in a year period. More miracles during a Hospital Outreach Mass Gatherings and Great Soul winning & including: People with STI’s, a Woman with a lame foot was delivered wonderfully, healing of different pains, casting of different demons, a young woman who was bound by intestines demons was healed during Nazarene Church Signs & Wonders service.
2010 (GLORY YEAR) High lights of the Minitry. Mass Gathering in TUT SCO (hosted in the Gymnasium indoor stadium) on 14 Feb 2010.Fire Crusade in TUT-W Residence in March 2010. Fire Confference in Glory of God Worship Centre Tshepisong Phase 7on 02-04 March 2010. Continuouse Teachings for the prayer Dept in SCO.Glory Institutional Whole night. Fire Deliverance meeting GGWC,Friends of Jesus Trust, 1st year of Radio Ministry  in 2010 TUT FM, Main Speaker in Awards-MRES TUT, Main speaker in Cultural night W-Res, Glorydays 2010 SOWETO ggwc, Tshepisong (GGWC)Youth impact 2010, 8th Goodnews Campaign in Limpopo 2010, Western Sunday,
2011.( The Year of Increasing Light) Mass Gathering in SOWETO 23/01/11, Soul winning cellebration in Pretoria, Institutional Gatherings,Glory days impartation 2011.  God Impacts Impartation in Giyani03/April/2011, Goodfriday Coference in Soweto 22 April-24 April 2011, Dec 2011-Jan 2012-Goodnews Limpopo Campaign.
2012 (Year of Leadership)-12 FEB 2012-1st Ever Miracle Seminar in SOWETO-GGWC,FEBRUARY 2012-Whole Night Prayer of Impartation in SCO, 11 March 2012-GLORYWORLD Mass Gathering in SCO,Goodfriday Conference 2012. Northern Cape Tour in April of Goodfriday,National Youth Conference 16 June 2012,1st International Outreach in South East Africa-June 2012,2nd International Outreach 2012 in November.Goodnews Campaign 2012/2013.  

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