Mass Gathering 2012 a sucess

Dances, Praise& Worship, Message, Healing, Since& Wonders, etc


SCO as one of big Organisation decided to take a respond and hosted us for a most spoken and prepared Mass Gathering which could have been hosted in Maputo early this year in May. SCO is very Smart with their highest attendance they hosted us for such extravaganza service and we were happy to minister there. Student Centre which is one of centre for SCO gatherings was a relevant venue for The Mass Gathering on 11th March 2012. many sick people were healed including many who were delivered. a great Impartation service, where many were baptised in to the Holly Spirit. it was amazing. we see blind receiving sight, and Prophesies,powerful word was preached where Ps Renny Ministered about Life of Fire-Restoration. it was really amazing.


10th Edition of Good News Campaign 2011/12 in Limpopo a great success’

I’m glad to report to you how we went on to stage our 10th Edition of Good News Campaign in Mopani District- Limpopo. It’s great that people all over have shown a love for the Work of the Ministry which is our joy to minister in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We left Gauteng so early for the meeting we had to have with the leaderships of different Congregations. The meetings that were successful include the one in Vatamavona Christian Church in Shimange which were the Main Host, with AFM in (Rivala) Ndhengeza. We never wasted our time on the 17th Day of December 2012. We kick started our Campaign by the Opening Ceremony in that service Past Renny spent time leading the Church in Worship where he taught the Church that in Judah is where Worship begun and the Royal Scepter will never leave Judah. When the time for ministering to the sick some infirmities were healed and sicknesses left the people.

 The Following Sunday of the GNC 25th  December 2012, our Ministry Calendar led us to Vatamavona Christian Church in Shimange. There the service was started little bit late because of bad weather. I spoke about the third level of Anointing in that Congregation. There were great Impartation and the Holy Spirit did a marvelous work, He never cared of peoples positions he touched everyone and people were in the joy of the Spirit, demons were casted out. There was a great deliverance ministry above expectation many sick people who came with terrible pains were healed. Glory to God.

Since Sundays were Holidays the following Sunday of 01 Jan 2012 by grace we went back to AFM in (Rivala) Ndhengeza. As usual Pastor Maluleke was our host and Pastor Shiviti from Giyani Holiness Pentecostal Church was there to support us in that Edition, (Past Shiviti is a good friend of mine) on top of that Bishop Malungani and some of the members of their Congregation were part of the service. There is more to write but to cut story shot. During the sermon I spoke about The Year of the Church, the Year of Leadership 2012. Many sick people who came with expectations received from the Lord that day.

On the Sunday of 11th January 2012 Pastor Renny was In End time Harvest Church in Mashabele one of the humble meetings but with active people who eager to receive from the Holy Ghost. Here Pastor Renny ministered on the Subject of the Beauty and Holiness of Zion, where he mentioned that we are the true beauty and Glory of God. Renny emphasized that if people ever wanted to know how God look like they must learn from the saints (us).Casting out devils and healing the sick is always a commission. This is what our Campaign fully experienced in the midst of the presence of God everywhere God opened a door for us to share the Good news of Jesus.

 14th January 2012 experienced a first service outside Giyani soil as Pastor Renny was ministering in his village in Botshabelo (Molototsi(Greater Lethaba Municipality)-Part of Bulobedu)- Revival Christian Church. It was a week service and we had no much to heal the Sick or Cast Devils since it was a season of prayer. Here Renny ministered on the theme of: Planting a SEED OF Righteousness. He emphasized that God gave everyone an opportunity to plant every year meaning when you see people lack; they just chose to be ignorant on their own. God gave everyone a chance to pray before they can minister to be able to experience Miracles and His wonders, the problem is just that when time for planting come people do not sow but sleep and are lazy that is why poverty and lack either in Spirit overtake them. After Bulobedu in my Native home I went back to Giyani for a service on.


The following week Glory world Calendar shown us Mashabele village where Pastor Renny ministered two last week days of the GNC 2011-2012.

In the Morning he taught on the Subject of the Winning Church- where he emphasized that we are the Glory of God. Where he emphasized that the Glory of God is in us and we are a full package, when Apostles could use handkerchief and their shade to heal and impart power to people what about the saints (us) who have a full package of power (The Holy Ghost).

Late in the Evening He Spoke about, the Great Impact of Church Commission. Where he spoke also of the effect of Mark 16:15, 17-where he said all Christians has a Commission and task to cast out devils.   In Conclusion GNC 2011/12 was longer and interesting.


We are already booked out for 2012/2013 Good news Campaign Edition in Capricorn District+ in Mopani District in Limpopo. In Churches like Royal Priesthood Church in Mokomeng- Butlokwa, Vata Mavona Christian Church in Shimange. Etc  


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