If one door its closed i never stay behind closed doors and cry the tears of defeat.if Gloryworld is nothing to some individual congregations i never believe its nothing to the whole world. Gloryworld Incorporation is a great outreach ministry which is in the favour of our father to bring the Gospel of peace to captived minds. People everywhere love Pastor Renny and pray greatly for him and the ministry is growing. some stupid folk were asking that if you say you are doing a ministry why your ministry doesnt give you money and you be like other man of God my answer was simple. why if a child is born today cant be able to run like an old man. prosperity is not what was full in their minds they thought to be used by God and to preach the Gospel all over means you almost have a lot of money. i always knew true properity is not the assets or estate you own but is the size of Gog iwhom you serve. they have cars but God's grace is in limitation because they serve God for wealth, but thats opposite to what i believe.now God is opening doors in many areas of the World and i believe i fully complete University studies in 2012, the same year ive a trip to Swaziland and we belive God for a great soul winning campaign there.we are gonna be hosted in the alliance church of Pastor Mtshali. no great man of God began to preach the Gospel by preaching in auditoriums all the Glory you see in many servants of God is a promotion and grace and Gloryworld can't fail as God has innitiated.

When God see all the suffering that affect the man kind, vulnerability and all kinds of pain. When God see all the weeping that comes to his ears from this same world, He is not quite silent, as one can tell. But for everything that happens to his people He is waiting for a season in which He will equivocally release his people. When Israel cried while they were in Egypt God was not quite, in fact He said to Moses I’ve heard the cry of my people in Egypt. Remembering where the Nation of India comes from it’s quite an unhappy past but God always has a time to set free his people. God told me about India: nine years ago when I was nineteen years of age. God spoke to me in the vision, where I saw many people who were bound of sathan getting God’s healing, life and prosperity. Now when this vision came later I discovered that the Lord had just planted the seeds for soul winning into the Middle East. This was always the words of Faith ‘INDIA SHALL ALWAYS BE SAVED’ now when first Pastor O Kumar said: Reign (Renny) come to India I knew He heard from the Lord because from the first day I say the vision nine (9) years ago the capacity was already laid before the beginning of the Universe. And I just have to know the seeds are growing and it is settled. God had a reason with everything that happened.dont forget that Middle East is the centre of this endtime Bible prophesy. the joy i have is that we may takepart with what God is really doing,to speak the truth i spent many years praying and humbling myself to really be sure that God had something about my Ministry in the East where the focus about the end of this age  is centred.im invited in two churches:Anhra Pradesh (Jesus Blessing Ministries)of Pastor Vijaya, and Shallom Full Gospel of Pastor O.Kumar all this Churches are based in India's 2nd largest district. everytime im in prayer nowadays the Holly Spirit (our father) always ask me what must i do for you and deep from my Spirit i know, there is nothing i want than to see this dying generation saved.with a highrate of religion and unbelief in Pradesh i believe there is something that God is really telling me "Lord give me souls, in Jesus Name"  l

Profile of Andhra Pradesh

Andrah Pradesh District is the 2nd largest District of India, 2nd longest Costline 972 km, just like Sub saharan Africa, Pradesh District needs more attention of Aid & assistancee. nutrition, education etc.this area was declaired by United Nations that it needs this aid, it has suffered more of global huricanes &cyclones in this generation, any one with the Love of God please help me assist the people of this area.call us to assist.

what to expect as we are prepairing for this big Project:.now to support Middle East Outreach there will be -Shirts which are in a very demand(many people want those t-shirts make sure you get one for yourself) which shall be printed out this words: 'I support middle East Outreach 2014' just to purchase that donation T-Shirt which will be your donation to help us take the gospel to Asia.please if you are willing to help us donate R50.00 and above (South African Rands) we shall be able to go to India, Remember Idia needs more than a preaching of the word, there are orphans, widows, and so on The T-Shirts will be available before August this year be blessed...

A better way of making history is when you participate in Godly agenda-Quote: Ps Renny

Pastor Renny was given a prophesy from: Prophet Sylvester Ofori Abundant Life Ministries-Atlanta (USA)Abundantlife Min

There are some miracles that the LORD is about to perform in your life that will make people look at you with amazement. The story of your life is about to change for the best and you're gonna have some awesome testimonies that will defy logical explanations. You shall experience unexpected breakthroughs from all angles. The news of your breakthroughs shall be unbelievable and your miracles shall be illogical.

  Pst Ev Renny, The real success story...
Praise reports:

But don't miss what the Lord is saying to you!  YOU ARE on God's mind. YOU ARE an obedient disciple. YOU ARE touching people in every nation. YOUR partnership with our ministry is VITAL to God's program-Dr Evangelist TL Osbourne(Osborne Ministries International)-USA

we praise God for the Ministry-Pst James Shimange(kha)

Pst Continue to preach, God called you for this work, we salute the Spirit of God...-Pet Mangena-Femani Village

Halelujah lets give glory to God, It is him. Jesus said those who believe this will follow them cont workingfor da Lord, He will reward you-Keoagile-Zeerust(North West)

All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanks givingto overflowto the Glory of God-Ps Thabelo-Soweto. 

Glory days 2009

Again as a custom of Friends of Jesus Trust gathering official day in my ministry before i host that event i host Glory days by the grace of the Lord even this year i did it the way. in the morning on the 19th of July i left West Rand-Randfontein for Tshepisong in South Joburg for a 3rd Glory Days 2009. Th e gathering seemed small but The Lord was abundant. I together with the senior Pastor of that Church spent more time in Praise and Worship and a time for deliverance of the saints with the church.

its not always i spend time in deliverance but i do and have been ordained un to that kind of ministry.the Ministry of deliverance is very vital for the church as i know not all christians who pretend to worship God In truth and Spirit majority of them still needs a full deliverance. when people are being delivered people usually do silly things as i know people are usually getting delivered from demonic spirits or different kinds of the spirits of the kingdom of darkness ranking from whitchcraft, divinations, majics, idolatry, principal oculties.etc

Message of the day: The Lord allowed me to kminister on the book of Exodus20-where i spoke of that we are not to worship other Gods as worship of things in Heavenly places, on earth, or under the waters. i spoke of many things in that kind of message ranking from a point that some people believe in divinations and not the word of God or walk by faith they read stars which are usually presented in magazines and put their faith there and those things are divinic from what we call divinational saying.i spoke of people who bow to ancestors, people who eat of the foods offered to other gods etc

top story:-
Friends of Jesus Trust 2009-Results

After this gathering i traveled by feet to Leratong Hospital in West Rand. where i spent witnessing about Jesu to the groups and individuals. this time i begun with witnessing where i saw people respond positively before i could pray for some kids whom i had come specially to them. the whole of this month was devoted to soul winning and Friends of Jesus Trust. i saw God Heal the children from different diseases and infirmities and sichnesses. it reminded me of a Child who was heald from complete uncountious sicknesses this child who could not walk, seat but totally disable with my faith and her mother the child was delivered in Jesus Name for the Glory of God. last year again in a programme like this a child and her mother were HIV+ and when i prayed for the they were heald when they went for a blood test they were told they are HIV-. the truth about Aids is that the World has no healing for Aids but Jesus Heals. he has a power over your blood.
what really happened: in another room again four (4)women gave their life's to Jesus after i ministered to them.
Praise reports:healing of heart attacks, terrible flues, cough, diarhough,Epilepsy, etc e.g: some of those who were delivered and heald includes: Thabang from Bekkersdal in Westonaria delivered from Epilepsy, Gift from Kagso held from Epilpsy, Thabang from Kagiso heald from Diariaoh,Bongani from Soweto was heald from diariah, Beauty from aroung Mogale city was heald from diariaoh, A child from Soweto in Protea was heald from Diariaoh also, a child from Snake park and Bogom in Limpopo was heald from terrible flue,where i also spent time to witness to his mother about Jesus.
Gift was heald of flue. all this happened on the 19th of July 2009 God bless the Progress

20July-was a train outreach where i spent time to preach and evangelise to the souls in the train where i saw souls being positive and the Lord was great

Mimshack Contradistinction

We are really heading to the end of the year 2008 and to be sure this year was a year of precious new start. and we saw The Lord taking us from one Glory to another. Surely it was challenging, ANYWAY God is great, In simple we are surrounded by sought of many testimonies to present even though mountains doesn’t lack in a way of righteousness. Another young woman when she came to my site she say Pastor Reign I saw something in Greek in one of yourteachings in the website. What are you trying to teach the world? Ass: I said Darling: Nothing but to teach the World to consider the meaning of the season of our age (sign). And this is a Mimshack age, after new, its divine increase, that’s simply what the Lord taught me! The Church doesn’t start and end without a move. We are heading somewhere and to be sure we are really there in a Spiritual place form. Even though we are not talking about really a Spiritual area but we arrive before we see the place in the Spirit. Mimshack is Divine Incremented increase after divine increase is something special. The Holly Spirit taught me that it’s a precious Glory age. 2008-was year of New Things. 2009 was Year of Divine Increase. 2010-Glory year!!! This is shortly considerable when you communicate with the Lord. We‘re really heading to the fulfillment of Prophetical age Prophesies and Jesus is coming to take the Church. Soon in Prophesies we find fulfillment of some manuscripts in a sense that The African Union Chairman introduces a system of ruling that puts the Africans under pressure to fulfill the book of Luke. When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies know that its desolation is near.
We saw God in New Life World Outreach-Glory World inc'

Glory Days’2008
I t was amazing on the 21st of December to leave Randfontein and take a direction to leave for Soweto where I was going to minister a day service in Glory of God Worship Centre{GGWC} Many people had left to different provinces as schools were closed. But any way I took my time to preach about a good message: Faithfulness as a Fourth witness. After reading two scriptures: Acts9:36 and Heb 6: 10 simply I shown the Church that there are only three recommended witnesses from the World: Spirit, Water and Blood all agree. As there are also three only in Heaven who are One Father, Son and Holly Spirit. I took time to give explanation on what kind of person Dorcas was the Bible says she was full of good works and almsdeeds which she did. This was a situation where a young woman was followed by her good works it continue saying that the widows in Joppa came and presented what she had done. All her good works. This teaches us very well, I believe it was the same case even in the Spiritual realm, her works cry before the man of God. Her good works cried before Jesus in heaven. to be sure when you are faithful to do your ministry without complaining Faithfulness shall cry before the God of Heavens about your Ministry. I say Faithfulness shall say to God that Lord please do something. For the sake of this saint. In Acts the Word of God says: Indeed He shall not forget the good works of your faithfulness. Simply He is not unjust, or unfaithfulness to forget your works.if He is able to remember others he wont forget you.

Friends of Jesus Trust
21 December was a good start as on the 24th of December I left Westrand Joburg for LIMPOPO Province to prepare for special gatherings in the Province for the finishing of the year I didn’t minister any where in the Province. As it was scheduled on the 4th of January 2009 I was ministering in Giyani.
Venue: Rivala AFM
Time: 11h00
I took time to minister a prophetical Message of encouragement to the Church that (even though we can be in Exile we must know that there is a word of Knowledge-Prophesy that we shall go back home and can’t perish in exile. We had read: Jeremiah 29:4-6 This Script, altered a big revelation that if you are there build you houses, settle there, plant gardens eat fruits therefore, marry have sons and daughters give your sons and daughters to marry and be married. And lastly the Bible says Increase and don’t decrease. God is not interested in people who don’t increase He wants you to abound I told those who were immortal that this is the year of God’s divinity they shall give birth. Those who don’t work this is the year they shall work I foreseen promotions, opportunities to study in Universities, etc Praise Reports: A woman who was bound by Spirit of occult. Was part of the gathering she said she was married and since she got her first born son she got pains which affected from her womb to the stomach, her son had about 6-7yrs and I prayed for her and she was instantly delivered. Many demon possessed were delivered there were some miracles of healings. Sicknesses as strokes were healed stomach problems, pains, etc.
For the Ministry sake I had a wonderful Visit to Giyani section E-Unity Christian Campus.
of Pastor Mashimbye.for the preparations of future GOODNEWS Campaign Gatherings.
At night I left with the Pastor Mashimbye and Past Mukilteo and some members of their church to another branch in Makosha where I didn’t minister but allowed to hear the Man of God Minister about that the Lord starts a new thing.

On the 6th February 2009 I was ministering in Soweto again in GGWC.
The gathering was very sensitive people could cry before the Lord and it was like oh Jesus. I’m a kind of Timothy very sensitive, in the Presence of the Lord. We understand as a church that in this world we cant avoid tribulations and persecution at large a young woman who was part of my gathering told me of how she is badly treated because she is a Christian in her home and for sure she could not stop crying. took time laying hands on different people who wanted the hand of God in their life’s. Those who needed jobs, healings, deliverances etc.

Exclusive gatherings in Glory World!!!
**Institutional Gatherings 2009’
10 March was really amazing night as I was invited in Tshwane North College SCO. The Lord had told me to go and encourage and also Evangelize to the souls that they should start winning the souls for Jesus and not wait for anyone as the time is not waiting for anyone. I ministered on the four Dimensions which three of them affect the church directly while the other one directly belongs to God and the Host. I said no one is part of the 4th dimension. After reading Math 25: 14-23. I shown that we as a church we start to minister in the1st dimension-there is where we use our own gifts. And from there the servant with two and five says master I produced multiply by two of what you gave me. In other words God is not concerned on producing the gifts. Simply. When you‘re faithful you produce many Gifts and that is ministering to the 2nd Dimension. The second dimension you use additional gifts. But here welcome to the third dimension Lord Say Well-done good and faithful servant you‘ve been faithful over little, enter in to the joy of thy Lord. And you shall take charge for much. No one was declared for eternal glory here but to enter in to the third dimension to minister by all other gifts. He never said how much but much here is where you are allowed to can do more and more for his Glory. After preaching I spent time to pray for the people who responded to the alter call to go and win souls for God. And really many came and I ministered to them Glory to God I was delighted to see many respond to such a call to go and win souls for Jesus. At last prayed also for the sick on the prayer of faith.
Thanks to the following people: Evangelist Nkuna for the support by some very important materials including videos to capture the service live. And the SCO Executive to make the day a success Praise God. You can order the DVD & CD copy for this.

Night of Glory a success in 2010  


We had the whole night prayer in convention with SCO Prayer dept and Executive which was scheduled for night of God’s out pour

2nd Session – after praying in the time of 1st session which the minister was Blessing Chauke where he spoke of the corporate prayer. Where he highlighted important issues such as the Church in Jerusalem consistently prayed for Peter. It was corporate prayer that made Peter to be released. It was the same prayer that brought the angel from heaven to deliver peter. The corporate prayer can bring angels ministry on earth.

We prayed consistently for the SA FIFA World Cup in South Africa 2010, we prayed for the Unity of the body of Christ in Africa, Salvation of souls, and many other important issues.

On the 2nd Session-Ps Renny –Ministered on the simple message-The Inspiration of the Spirit.

Quote Renny: Questioning Spiritual things is babyhood.

He simply emphasized that matured Christians doesn’t question spiritual staff which God is doing. Sometimes we need to wait and see how God want to do it than to find ourselves acting in immaturity. Its God’s way to do it and not how we want it done. Jesus had many ways to conclude the issue of the cross but He knew the perfection is in the hands of the master. Why other people speak in tongues without a song or committal prayer is because they are inspired etc.We prayed in different scriptures…

Psalms83:-to 18, Ps 112:1-10

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