latter: Western Sunday Impartation 2010

 In one day we had a visit to Glory of God worship centre in Braamfischer. With a high attendance which was showing the growth for the church. all this took place on 05 Dec 2010.we spent time learning from the word of God in  Deut8:1 teaches that God allowed us to go through difficulties to be able to test our hearts, to see if we will be able to keep his decrees. Drought and famine is a test allowed by God, and is good for us.enermies are not made by God for us but God allow them to perfect our life’s.  I went on ministering from the book of Ruth1:1, where it says and there was a famine in the land in those days. When famine happens people loose control but a famine is not a curse but a lesson to learn from added with a reading of Esther 6:1 where Mordecai was working in the gate and as a result his time of promotion from the lord came, the bible declares that the king couldn’t sleep. When your turn of promotion and blessings has come, people with your blessings won’t sleep. We saw some couple ofmiracles. God is great.

Friends of Jesus Trust 2010 special (exclusive).

After our visit to Braamfscher we traveled straight to Leratong Hospital on the same day of 05 Dec 2010 as part of Friends of Jesus Trust outreach dedicated to children for a day. The following were some of children we had a success day with: Jabulani Prience Martin From Kagiso Ext 12 heald from stomach and managentes diseases, Zinhle from meadowlands heals from managentes disease, Alex Mda(a coloured young boy from around Tshepisong and Dobsonville area) heald from infirmities and stomach problems,many other children heald from generational curse related diseases. this day ministry outreach was followed by a direct preaching and evangelism to the older people in that hospital.

Goodnews Campaign 2010/2011 SpecialGlory World Gnc 2010/2011

(Week 1)             In Rivala AFM- 26 Dec 2010@ Mopani District in Limpopo.

The great itinerary of Past Renny started like this. And the Outreach Ministry begun its ministry walk by taking a walk to a far village in Giyani (Rivala AFM) I was a travelling by some mountains and veld. God was able to keep us safe in all the travel we had as we were using our feet to travel in that dangerous area.  Now we read: Isaiah 54:1-3(17) Here God through the prophet says Rejoice o barren women, rejoice for many are the children of the disolate women than the women who have her husband. Here we learn that no matter you don’t bear one day the Lord will make you to bear many children. Hannah says and the one. Who had no child gave birth to seven sons. Your God is able to make you abundant. The season of walking in lack won’t last but the right time will bring fourth your womb to abundant bearing. 

(Week 2) our next visit was Unity Christian Campus-Maswanganyi Village next to Giyani/28-30 Dec 2010

We were accommodated in to Kremetart in Giyani for our visit, but our crusade was cancelled because of the challenge of funerals in the local church.

End time Harvest Church-02 Jan 2011


The outreach in this village had a great challenge and in our Sunday the attendance was poor and here I spoke about how God speak to us Heb 1:1, we read Psalm 23:5-God make a table for me in front of my enemies. The reason why many Christians struggle is because people has u wrong stuff in a table created and put in place by the Lord.

Everlasting Vine Ministries-09/10 Jan 2011


It was a terrible rainy day, and was welcomed to the congregation of Ps Makhubele SS.i spent time speaking about crying for the rain and the Spirit.Acts1:8. was among gentiles that Paul was talking when the Spirit baptized the people immediately. As we enter the new decade we need the fire and the spirit of God.

Day 2

Here in the Church we spoke about how the church will be taken, what to continue expecting and so on. The resurrection, the wars, divisions, rapture etc.      



Praise reports(International):

thanks pastor renny for the ministry you do in this age to lead his flock to God

Rev Abram-Kenya

Pastor Renny pls vissit our gathering to teach us to understand the precepts of God, we will be happy if you can help us to advance in God as we are still a growing church. pastor-Asemblies International-NigeriaNigeria Flag

your teachings has help us since we were in the train we are every day inspired

Annonymous-Train Ministries Kagiso-RSA

 we have seen that the Lord wants to advance this. allow our big choir which has a grace to minister in many gatherings to work with your ministry, we are available Pastor.Ministry choir USA 

GOD has a Great calling in the life of this young Evangelist-Pastor Prather USA

your Ministry is important help our youth, empower them- Pastor Roberts Rothman Greenhills AGS, Battle cry Ministries-RSA

We love the Outreach ministry of Pastor Renny, this man of God has no life for himself, everytime God needs him in the Ministry walk-Noah Lubiso-RSA

My father was a great man and he taught us a lot when he was in the Ministry6decades in a line globally, especially to meet people like you.Pastor Evangelist Ladonna Osbourn-USA  



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